Having a glass of wine and making money online

So i was having a glass of some pinot gregio and I stumbled across a website on Craigslist.  Go figure, right?  Here is my short story on how I found an odd weird way to make some extra money while enjoying a glass of California’s finest.

Craigslist is a weird place to look for work!

I was looking in the sales job section because a good friend of mine was looking for a new start with a new job..

I found this one ad that read, “Make money part time from home.”  Seems legit enough I suppose? I clicked on the ad to read the description.  It said that you could make some extra money from home and all you needed was your computer and an internet connection.. and also you had to be 18 or older.

At the bottom of this advertisement was a nice blue link that was clickable.

I clicked on the link and it sent me to a website called project payday.  It seemed kind of scammy at first, but I watched the video of some guy showing you how he makes a little bit extra money by posting ads on Facebook.

The video above is what I saw.  This guy who posted the Craigslist advert had made this video telling the viewer (me) about the business.

What Is Project Payday all about?

So he described it like so:  The company pays their affiliates a dollar fifty every time some one enters in their email and name on the website given to the workers.  The main trick with the business is to get as many people as you possibly can to your affiliate site to start making descent money.

So before even telling my friend about this, I was going to be the Guinea pig and try it myself.  The part I did not like was that in order to become an affiliate, I had to try one of their trial offers to equal 1.00 credit value.

Since I play a lot of Playstation, I chose Gamefly.  After getting a copy of call of duty, i was on my way to try this weird online making money thing.

Pours another glass of wine.

Takes a sip.


So here I am.. a member of PPD and ready to make some extra cash by posting ads online.  I started out posting on my Facebook profile telling people about this thing and how I am making a little bit of exta money with the system.  By that one post, I got ten emails and names.

I made $15 woohoo!

Next I started to think… How can I reach more people and promote this offer to a larger audience? I was looking around on Facebook again and remembered I was part of a local yard sale group.  This one group had 5,000 members in it!

I made a post to the group saying something along the lines of, “Hey everyone.  I’m looking for people who would like to make some extra money outside their current job.  This line of work is very easy, and the company actually pays you to generate leads for the business.  If you are interested, then go to the website below.”

With that one post in that one group, I made $30.  Wow!

I then told my friend about this thing and he was very skeptical about it and decided to not get started with it.  So here I am, posting in groups every day on Facebook, and making the easiest money I have ever made!

It’s pretty simple and not hard for anybody!

I swear….

The things you come across when you’re enjoying a drink and find a comical post in Craigslist!



How To Play Beer Pong

Ahh Beer Pong.  One of the greatest college dorm room games of all time… and party games too.  It was one of the ways I used to talk to girls at events.  You me.. always trying to lay down the pipe, one ping pong ball at a time.

So you wanna learn how to play the game right?  Here’s how.

You Need A Total Of 12 Cups

Each time gets 6 cups.  You need to make the cups form a pyramid (1 cup at the top, 2 cups in the middle, and 3 cups at the end).  that’s 12 right?  The top of the pyramid is going to point against your soon to be drunk opponent.  Because you’re just that freakin awesome at this game.

You can start off this drinking game in a couple ways.

The first way of starting this is playing HORSE, but with PONG.  This isn’t advised for beginners because you have to make it in each time to spell out the word PONG.  The person who gets the G gets to go first.

When you are playing teams, with two people on each team, each individual player gets to shoot once.   So team A shoots twice and team B shoots twice.

A player has to get the ball in the cup.  Duh.  If both players get both balls in the same cup, both cups are to be removed from the playing area, and that team gets to go again.  And of course, the other team as to drink the beer in those cups.

What about bouncing the balls in the beer pong cups?  Instead of over handing the ball to make a swoosh like in basketball, a player may bounce the ball once on the table to make it go in the beer cup.  If this happens, the shooting player gets to choose another cup to be eliminated, and the opposing team must drink!

See, I said earlier that you’d get your adversaries drunk!

If you make three shots and the pyramid looks all weird, you can request to make an eye.  Your opponents have to make the remaining three cups into a single line.  This can help you tremendously because the ball may bounce on the first cup and land in either the second or the third glass.

If the opposing player decides to play a sneaky bounce throw at you, then you are at liberty to swipe the ball away.

What happens when there is only one more drinking glass left?  Some people play soft, and others play harder.  What I recommend is that you and your team mate both have to get the ping pong ball in the cup… in a row to win.

Beer pong is so much fun!

Yes this game can be very fun, but it’s important to practice safe driving habits.  Please don’t drink and drive because you don’t want to get a DUI and hurt other people.  It’s just not worth it.  If you play beer pong and get a DUI you will lose a lot.  You could possibly lose your house, your car, and your girl friend.  It’s seriously not worth the risk.  Just call a cab if you’re too drunk to drive.

That’s it for beer pong.  If I left anything out just leave a message below!





Kings is a very fun drinking game

Bottoms up!  Drinking games are so much fun to play with your friends.  They are a great way to pre game it before the big night out.  In this week’s post, we’re going to go over a few games to get you feelin’ right before the par-tay!


Kings is a favorite among most fellow drinkers!  First, you need a full deck of cards.  52 cards total to be exact.  Next you grab a beer can or a tall alcoholic beverage and place it in the middle of the table.  Spread the cards around the table face down so you can’t see the cards.

Each time you draw a card you gotta place it on the beer can after you complete your turn.  After a few cards are drawn, it starts to look like a mushroom shape on the beer can.  If someone places a card on the can and the cards fall off, the person has to drink that drink.

Now you’re probably wondering what else do you do?  here it is

  • 2- You.  You choose some one to take a sip of their own drink.
  • 3- Me.  You have to take a sip!
  • 4- Floor.  Every one has to touch the floor.  Last person to touch the floor has to take a sip!
  • 5- Guys.  Males only drink.
  • 6- Chicks.  Girls only drink.
  • 7- Heaven.  Reach for the sky!  The last person to reach up has to indulge.
  • 8- Mate.  Pick some one to take a drink with you.
  • 9- Rhyme.  You say a word, and the person to your left has to rhyme it.  Keep it going until some one messes it up.
  • 10-  categories- Make a category and everyone has to name something in that category.  For example, it could be Oriental rugs types.  Who’s going to guess that!?
  • Jack- Make a rule!  Whoever breaks the rule has to drink.  For example, make a rule that you can’t say the f word.  If that rule is broken then you have to put your chin on the table, but drink before you do it!  Evil right?
  • Queen-  Questions-  Go around the table asking quetions.  You can’t answer them!
  • King-  Never have I ever-  Raise three fingers.  You have to say something you have never done but know some one else has done it before.  “Never have I ever used a sex toy on myself.”
  • Ace-  Waterfall.  Everyone drinks!  But there’s a catch.  IF I draw an Ace, you can’t stop drinking until I stop, and the person next to you can’t stop until you stop, and so on.

So that’s pretty much Kings.   It’s so much fun and you get drunk.  You also get to learn a lot about people.  Especially with the “Never Have I ever.” Card.  It’s a great way to break the ice with the cute guy or girl you want to get to know.

The Rules option is a fun one too.  ONE time a friend of mine made the rule that you have to end every sentence with “in my ass hole.”  Can you imagine!?  “It’s Brad’s turn…. in my ass hole.”

Too funny.  You’re bound to have a great time… in my ass hole.